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May 2018

REDCA Bi Annual Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

May 16 & 17, 2018


The 36th REDCA meeting took place in Copenhagen on 16 & 17 May 2018 in conjunction with the EUANB meeting at the same location. 



The REDCA meeting was attended by over 100 members and observers, including members from outside of Europe such as: USA, Canada, Japan, China, Korea, etc. We also welcomed officials from the EU Commission, ECC, ETSI, NIST/USA and MIC Japan who all provided valuable information to the meeting.

The meeting approved and welcomed the 18 new members to the Association since the November meeting of 2017. 

Some of the main items discussed were:

·         Technical questions asked within the REDCA membership in the last 6 months.

·         A few reports on recent TCAM meetings and activities including discussions on Article 3.3.

·         An update on the situation of OJEU published standards.

·         The current situation on guidance for RF Modules.

·         The latest draft update to the RED Guide.

·         Risk assessment and technical documentation. 

·         RED (draft) new TGNs, some new ones will soon appear on this web site.

Several presentations were given that support the work of the REDCA member’s.


·         Presentation by the EU Commission

·         Presentation by ADCO RED (Market Surveillance)

·         Presentation by ETSI on the latest developments.
Presentation by ECC, highlighting the current activities of ECC.

·         Feedback from the recent TCBC Workshop in the USA and update of FCC rules including a key update on the Canadian Regulation and changes for the ISO/IEC 17025 test labs who test for ISED.

·         Update of the Japanese Regulation


The next meeting will be held in November 2018 in Berlin, Germany



 May 2018

REDCA 3rd Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark

May 15, 2018

The 3rd REDCA workshop meeting took place in Copenhagen on 15 May 2018 in conjunction with the main REDCA meeting at the same location. 





 The major topics included:

• An introduction to Risk Assessment for the RED,
• General principles of risk assessment and harmonised standards for EMC / RED
• SAR updates on standards, test equipment and research

This was followed by an update on 5G and some background on modules for North America, Ukraine requirements and South Africa requirements


April 2018



TCAM Working meeting held in Brussels


On April 16th 2018 the 13th TCAM Working Group meeting took place in Brussels.

On behalf of REDCA the Technical Secretariat of REDCA attended the meeting. 

All relevant background material and the REDCA Technical Secretariat’s meeting report of this  meeting are available, for the REDCA members in the CIRCABC Database Section REDCA (go to Documents 2018 folder).

Members should note that the documents are input documents, and hence the output may change,as noted in the Technical Secretariat’s Report

The meeting covered many interesting and important items related to practical problems in the use of the RED. Examples of items discussed, amongst others : 

  • Draft Updated RED Guide text and discussion on Radio Modules

  • Measurement uncertainty

  • Market Surveillance Campaigns

  • Information from the European Standards Organisations (ESOs) on standards development

  • Proposal towards improved digital Safety/Security/Privacy requirements.



April 2018

TCB Council meeting 10th to 12th April 2018


The REDCA technical Secretariat attended the TCB Council meeting 10th to 12th April 2018.  A copy of his presentation to the TCBC meeting can be found here.


A closed meeting after the presentation for MRA Notified Bodies and USA Accreditation Bodies, co-ordinated by Ramona Saar (NIST), allowed the MRA NBs to ask the REDCA Technical Secretariat further questions. 



March 2018



As of today, 22nd March, the REDCA is a member of ETSI.


More details are being circulated to the REDCA members via CIRCABC and the email reflector.



March 2018



The most recent RED OJEU list of Harmonised standards has been published on  9th March 2018.


This new list contains 3 new standards.




February 2018



On 07 February 2018 the EU Commission held an informal meeting on concerns related to RED article 3.3. The Technical Secretariat of REDCA participated on behalf of REDCA.

This meeting provided insight regarding the current concerns on data privacy.

The REDCA Technical Secretariat’s meeting notes are available for REDCA members in the Library on CIRCABC Section REDCA (go to the Documents 2018 folder).



March 2018

10th MIC MRA Workshop Japan March 2018


The main aim of this MIC MRA Workshop was to give an overview of the Regulations and Certification Systems of Japan, EU and US and IoT technologies. Over the 2 days about 270 people attended the Workshop.

On Day 1 Presentations were given covering:

1. The Latest Information of the FCC Technical Requirement
Presenter: William Graff, Chair TCB Council USA

2. Accreditations and Designations of U.S. RCBs
Presenter: Ramona SAAR (Program Manager, National Institute Standard Technology)

3. The Latest Information of the RE Directive, EU
Presenter Jan COENRAADS (former Secretary REDCA)


4. Market Surveillance for Radio Equipment on the EU Market

Presenter: Lucio Cocciantelli (OFCOM, Switzerland)

5. Current Status and Issues of the Japanese ICT Policy
Presenter: Koichi KATAGIRI (Director of Certification Promotion Office, MIC)

6. The Latest Information of Regulations and Certification Systems of Radio Equipment in Japan
Presenter: Toru FUKATSU (Deputy Director, Certification Promotion Office, MIC)

7. The Latest Information of Regulations and Certification Systems of Telecommunication Equipment in Japan.   Presenter: Seiji MARUYAMA (Deputy Director, Radio Environment Division, MIC)



On Day 2 of the MRA Workshop Technical presentations were given on:

• Future & Present Internet of Things (IoT) and Compliance Marking

And finally a closed session was held for the Japan, EU and U.S. Registered Certification Bodies

A file with all presentations is available for REDCA members in the document section - Click






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