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The annual subscription for REDCA membership is 600.  Members receive an invoice for payment from the Treasurer once a year. Our organisation was previously known as R&TTECA but was renamed as REDCA to reflect the changes in the EU Directive. Invoices are now issued as REDCA but our bank details remain the same.

Our preferred payment method is by electronic transfer; our bank account information is detailed on the invoice and the invoice number is used by us to track payments. Please Note: Most banks will charge to make electronic payments, REDCA requires that all bank charges are to be paid by the payee. PayPal charges REDCA transaction fees so we add an administration fee to your invoice amount when taking payment by that method.

Most members pay via our preferred method.

Alternatively you may use the "Pay Now" link below to pay by credit or debit card via the PayPal system. You will be charged your invoice amount plus an additional fee of 30 EUR for a full year subscription, or 20 EUR for a part year subscription, to cover PayPal transaction expenses. Once in the PayPal system follow the link to pay by credit or debit card.

Please be sure to enter your Invoice Number in the field provided - this is a mandatory field, without it your payment will not be credited to your account.


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In respect of the new EU VAT Regulation 282/2011 we have been advised that as our electronic business is entirely directed to business customers we are excluded. Further, we will drop our VAT registration and so the invoices sent out will neither carry a UK VAT registration nor the VAT numbers of any member companies.







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